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    About us

    At Imanibiz, our focus is to make the client happy, and satisfied, while ensuring that they undergo no hassle in product purchase. We believe that there is a better means of getting products to clients: sharing the love of Christ in our daily dealings, and transactions with our humanity family. The mission of Imanibiz is to enable healthy business interactions with focus on glorifying God while at it, while still making sure that the client enjoys the purchase process. We see these interactions as an opportunity to make Christ known, and for clients to appreciate what the Creator has gifted us with.

    There are fewer invasions into a client’s privacy, and this has been achieved through giving the client the steering wheel of their own order purchases. We are passionate about making our clients happy, and hopeful about repeat purchases from our clients. Our focus client is that person who may find little, or no time to shop physically, thus Imanibiz has brought the shopping experience to them, and just at the touch of a button. We are a team committed to personal values of honesty, integrity, teamwork, and compassion. We are dedicated to showing love while transacting business, thus showing that there still is beauty in human interactions. We trust in the client’s opinions, in improving our services to them. Our interactions encourage our continued engagement with one other, support of each other, and steering each other towards love. We make business order purchases more affordable, incredibly fun, and engaging. Imanibiz focuses on acquiring much needed merchandise from all over the world, and bringing it to our home-ground. What better way of doing business than doing it the Imanibiz way?