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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    How long does shipping with Imanibiz take?

    Shipping from overseas takes 3 weeks to a month long, that is, 21-30 days, while shipping by local Imanibiz vendors takes 1-5 days, depending on the product chosen for purchase by the client.

    How do I make payment for goods purchased?

    Payment can be done via Cash payments, AirtelMoney, Mpesa, card transactions, or Paypal. These are all effective methods of payment. Payment will be confirmed once the seller receives confirmation of receipt of payment.

    Does one get a refund when their purchase does not get delivered?

    Yes. A refund is given when the 30 day limit passes, without the purchased products being delivered to the owner.  The refund will be done 7 days after limit, following refunds form filling by the client.

    What constitutes refunding?

    Refunding is conducted once a client who has already made payment, and has not yet received goods paid for within 30 days, as earlier agreed upon. Refunding requires the client to produce the code with which payment was made, as confirmation for payment of purchase. The client will be refunded once it has been confirmed that indeed they did not receive the goods purchased, and that the issue is on the part of the Imanibiz, but not on the part of the client.

    In which towns are your pickup stations?

    One can pick up from any of our partners all over the country.

    What is the delivery fee in these pickup stations?

    The pickup stations are either within the central business district (CBD), or away from the CBD, but within Nairobi. The delivery fee is calculated depending on the type and size of good.

    At what point does it become free to deliver a purchased item?

    Since it is the vendors who do delivery, therefore, it is prudent to confirm with the vendors.

    What are the details needed to ensure effective shipping, and delivery?

    A client is supposed to set up an account with Imanibiz using their full name, email address, shipping address, billing address, and phone number. Once this is done, they can then identify products they are interested in, and place them in a shopping cart, after which they ought to make confirmation about their purchase, and make payment. The client will then wait for the required time of shipping, depending on whether shipping is being done from Imanibiz, or from overseas, and have their products delivered later on.

    What is the process to conducting purchase on Imanibiz?

    Product purchase on Imanibiz requires a client setting up an account using personal details, making an identification of products they are interested in, and then placing them in a shopping cart. Once this is done, they ought to make a confirmation on their purchase, and then make the required payment using their preferred method of payment.

    Do I require an account to conduct purchase on Imanibiz?

    Yes, a client is required to set up an account for purchase to be conducted.

    What confirmation do I get after making payment to Imanibiz?

    The client gets a confirmation in form of an email from Imanibiz with details on the purchase done, thus making it easy for the client to follow up.

    Is there any type of verification required at any point of transacting with Imanibiz?

    Yes. The client is required to verify the transacting contact number before purchase, as well as verifying that they have received a confirmation email for purchase. The seller is, also required to conduct verification through ensuring that the delivery being done gets to the right client, and that they indeed have the confirmation code sent earlier during purchase.

    How do I conduct product selection for purchase?

    Product selection can be done by identifying a product one is interested in, and then adding it to the shopping cart.

    How do I add, or remove goods from my shopping cart?

    Goods can be added to the cart through identifying a product of interest, clicking on it, and then clicking on “Add to Cart”. Removal of goods from the cart requires the client to click on “Add to Cart”, and then clicking on the bin icon to remove the item.

    Is my personal information safe when using it on Imanibiz?

    Yes. Personal information belonging to the client is safe, and secure. The business takes seriously personal information which is why account settings have been provided. Those who are found guilty of misuse, or access to information that belongs to clients, are held accountable for their actions.

    Who can sell on Imanibiz?

    As, a platform, Imanibiz aspires to glorify Christ in every way. Thus, in order for one to be approved to sell on our platform, one has to be a professed believer of Christ Jesus.